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While many other organizations, such as the ACLU, are intent on shifting court decisions and public opinion against American values, we work every day to safeguard the liberties enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The ACRU Action Fund stands against harmful, anti-constitutional ideologies that have taken hold in our nation’s courts, culture, and bureaucracies. We defend and promote free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, American values, and our national sovereignty.

We hope you will join us in the fight to protect America, the best and last hope for freedom. Your donations will make a difference.

Live Free Local

Live Free Local

Are you frustrated with the slow pace of movement in Washington. You write, you call, and you email, but things never seem to change. Part of the reason for that is that Washington politics are far removed from you — the real base of power.

The phrase, “All politics is local,” carries a lot more weight than one might think. In the Founders’ view of our Constitutional Republic, the ultimate power rests at the most local level possible — the individual citizen. Our Constitution is carefully designed to enumerate powers we voluntarily cede to the government in a descending fashion, starting with the individual and ending with the federal government. That’s right. The real power in our country rests with the individual and then the local and state representatives they elect.

This is why the American Constitutional Rights Union started the Live Free Local initiative. Our aim is to embrace local politics and arm you with the tools to make a difference in your community and state.


North Carolina Senate is playing politics with vital life-saving legislation!

The North Carolina House overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill preventing hospitals from discriminating against patients needing life-saving transplants. Patients like Yulia, a then 12-year old child requiring an urgent and life-saving kidney transplant.

Why did her North Carolina hospital flat-out refuse to perform the procedure?

Because of her vaccination record.

Yes, our medical community played politics with a child’s life. It took tireless efforts by her parents, a national awareness campaign, and an appearance on the Tucker Carlson show to kick the system into action. Even still, Yulia had to travel to a different hospital, one willing to put patient care first to receive her life-saving transplant.

Now that the House has demanded a stop to this type of heinous medical discrimination, the Senate is sitting on this vital bill. It is up to you to encourage your State Senator to just vote, one way or another, to resolve this bill. Our Senate is playing politics while patients lives hang in the balance. Please take action here to send your Senator a message demanding they at least bring this bill to the floor for a vote and remind them their House counterparts had no problem coming together to end medical discrimination.

“It is unfathomable that, in the United States of America, children are being denied life-saving medical treatments because of their vaccine status. The remedy is Yulia’s Law and the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund will not rest until the rights of these parents and children are protected.”

Lori Roman, Chairman & CEO, American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund

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ACRU Action Commentary

A Post-Constitutional America

June 19th, 2024|

We have a person sitting in the Oval Office who knows that he does not have the enumerated constitutional power to do certain things, yet does them anyways. And there are no consequences.

  • Photo of Allen West; Townhall opinion piece sized for Twitter

President Benedict Arnold

June 18th, 2024|

In this day and age of politics, it appears that everyone is looking for disparaging monikers to describe their political opposition. It is not disparaging, denigrating, or demeaning to refer to Biden as “Traitor Joe.” It is indeed what he is, sadly so, but truth must be told.

The Rule of Law

June 12th, 2024|

The rule of law exists for a reason: to maintain law and order and to be blind in holding everyone accountable. What is supposed to be a legal system is now a political and weaponized system.

  • Photo of Allen West; Townhall opinion piece sized for Twitter

You Ain’t Black

June 3rd, 2024|

My message to Joe Biden and his acolytes of leftism (and that includes Barack Hussein Obama) is simple. I am a proud American Black man who will not be voting for you. And that is how my Mom and Dad raised me, to be a strong, independent-thinking man, not a lemming.

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