Naples, FL—American Constitutional Rights Union Policy Board Member Ken Blackwell castigates Georgia-based companies like Coca-Cola, Delta, and also Major League Baseball for giving into the woke mob over their unfounded objections to new ballot safeguards its state leaders passed.

In his most recent article for Breitbart, he notes these companies capitulated to tyrants, who are using false allegations of racism as an intimidation tool.

“Corporatist wokesters have been sucked in by Joe Biden’s ‘big lie’: that these laws are racist to the point of being “Jim Crow on steroids,” says Blackwell.

“Those of us who lived under Jim Crow segregation, and in modern times have the everyday experience of pulling out photo ID for common activities like checking into a hotel or getting medicine, find that comparison appalling.”

Blackwell points out these companies abandoned their economic wellbeing and responsibility to their investors and shareholders by agreeing to act as liberal public relations tools promoting the absurd and racist notion that minority citizens in George are somehow too incompetent to get a driver’s license or access the free ID the state provides.

Blackwell notes this activity in Georgia is designed by Democrats — including President Joe Biden — to push the federal For the People Act, which he says would be more accurately titled “The Corrupt Politicians Act.”

This legislation would demolish ballot security and “take everything that caused chaos and problems in 2020 and make it the law of the land.” Blackwell calls this act a “hyper-partisan power grab to ensure that America becomes a one-party state.”


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