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Media Availability: Ken Blackwell: How Low Will Dems Go on Pushing Jim Crow Narrative?

Naples, FL—American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund Board Member Ken Blackwell asks, “How low will Dems go on pushing Jim Crow narrative?”

In his most recent article for the Washington Times, he notes that to grab more power, Dems are willing to use Black citizens as pawns, while obfuscating their history of Jim Crow laws and Black Codes.

“Many on the left claim that voting integrity measures, such as voter ID, are throwbacks to the Jim Crow era. Since Jim Crow laws were enacted by Southern Democrats to force racial segregation and block economic and political power among Black Americans, Democrats should know their current claims are preposterous. As the old saying goes, “they have a lot of nerve,” says Blackwell.

“Black Codes were laws passed by Southern Democrats after the Civil War that restricted worship, gun ownership and other freedoms among newly freed slaves. They were enforced with fines, arrest, intimidation, violence and murder by public officials and by the Democrats’ unofficial army — the Ku Klux Klan.”

Blackwell referenced a letter signed by 21 Black leaders that was sent to the U.S. Senate last week. The signers appealed to the senators:

“The fight to ensure every American’s right to vote has been a long and costly battle dating back long before any of us were born. The policy differences of today pale in comparison to what was overcome by the noble generations that preceded us. To compare today’s policy differences with the literal life and death struggle of previous generations is to diminish those heroes’ struggle, sacrifice, and enormous accomplishments. It is past time for today’s generation to come together in an honest, civil, and straightforward way to protect these shared values of voter access and election integrity. It should be easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

Blackwell’s feature ends with a strong warning: “White elites in the party of Jim Crow and Black Codes must stop using Black Americans as pawns in their scheme for permanent domination. Black Americans, like all Americans, want secure elections and freedom.”

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