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ACRU Condemns “Police State” Justice System

Weaponizing Government Is Not Just Unconstitutional, It’s Criminal

Naples, FL —ACRU board member J. Kenneth Blackwell and ACRU Executive Director Allen West sound the alarm about the United States’ unchecked slide to a third-world police state. Weaponizing federal government agencies to attack political opponents is not something remotely compatible with a free and just Constitutional Republic.

In the wake of the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s home, Ambassador Ken Blackwell told Breitbart News that President Biden is turning America “into a police state.”

Blackwell continues, “For the first time in American history, a president’s administration has sent armed federal agents to raid the personal home of his predecessor, who is also a leader of the opposition party.”

ACRU Executive Director Allen West offers a similar perspective, “This morning, we awakened to a very different America. Let the debate end: the progressive socialist leftists and Marxists have gone full East German Stasi police state. The US DoJ is a political arm of the left seeking to punish political opposition.”

The selective justice system is evident as those in power are apparently immune to law and order. Blackwell notes, “Attorney General Garland is doing this against former President Trump, but never gets around to dealing with videotaped proof of criminal conduct by President Biden’s son, Hunter.”

The ACRU will not stand by as the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic, impartial law and order for all, is corrupted for political advantage, according to West. “I will not surrender to tyranny nor live under a two-tiered system of justice . . . nor should any of us. But we must not be reactionary. Instead, display resolve, focus, determination, and toughness in this ideological conflagration against these dangerous Marxists.”



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