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Exclusive: Dem operative led city officials in Milwaukee Votes 2022 GOTV effort – Empower Wisconsin

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson and his aide sought advice from a Democratic Party operative on how to explain a citywide get-out-the-vote campaign that critics have called Zuckerbucks 2.0, according to texts and emails obtained by Empower Wisconsin.

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Four dozen members of Congress urge Pentagon to end vaccine mandate for military

Forty-seven members of Congress are urging the Pentagon to “immediately revoke” the COVID-19 vaccine mandate issued last August for all service members, civilian personnel, and contractors. The lawmakers also are asking to re-instate those who’ve already been discharged for noncompliance.

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Former Virginia election official indicted on corruption charges

A former Virginia public official who once headed an election office was indicted this week on corruption charges, authorities said. The office of state Attorney General Jason Miyares said a grand jury indicted former Prince William County General Registrar Michele White on two felonies and one misdemeanor charge.

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Josh Hawley got a Facebook exec to admit they censor constitutionally protected speech at the behest of the White House … and nobody cares

Facebook is acting as an enforcement arm for the government, censoring constitutionally protected speech.

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New CDC Data Shows Covid Shot Myocarditis Concerns Are Legit

When reports first surfaced in 2021 that some cases of myocarditis — the inflammation of the heart muscle, potentially leading to blood clots and heart attack or stroke — were potentially associated with the Covid-19 vaccine, the corporate media and its fact-checkers were quick to label them as misinformation, saying the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh its small risks. A year later, though, the media can no longer deny that what they called misinformation actually has data to back it up. As Matt Shapiro detailed in his Substack post on the matter, “Last year’s misinformation on vaccine-associated myocarditis in young men is this year’s well-established fact.”

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New Rule Introduced by Unelected Global Body Will Impact Every Firearm Purchased in US with a Credit Card

New rules being accepted by credit card companies will allow all gun shop purchases made with a credit card to be tracked as such. The International Organization for Standardization, an international body, announced Friday that it was creating a new merchant code for gun shop sales. Such stores had formerly been classified as dealers in “general merchandise,” according to Fox Business.

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Pentagon in ‘potential noncompliance’ with law after denying vaccine religious accommodation requests

The Pentagon's watchdog says the Department of Defense is in "potential noncompliance" with standards for reviewing and denying religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to a report obtained by Fox News Digital.

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BLM Memphis Founder Sentenced to 6 Years For Illegally Voting As a Felon

A Black Lives Matter leader in Tennessee was just sentenced to six years in prison for illegally registering to vote as a felon. According to the New York Post, Pamela Moses, the 44-year-old activist who founded the Memphis chapter of BLM, had pled guilty back in 2015 to guilty to felony charges of tampering with evidence and forgery, along with misdemeanor charges of perjury, stalking, theft under $500, and escape. She was then placed on probation for seven years.

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