ACRU Supports Firearms Industry in Supreme Court Case Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., et al. v. Estados Unidos Mexicanos

The American Constitutional Rights Union filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of America’s leading firearms companies as they seek Supreme Court review of a decision by the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit allowing the Mexican government to sue them.

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Red County Election Integrity

If there is one dominant theme I hear in my travels in and around Dallas County, Texas, and indeed across America, it is this. Hey, Colonel, what are we going to do about election integrity? Colonel, how do we keep them, the progressive socialist left, from cheating? The answer is not that hard and is quite achievable.

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Written Testimony submitted to the Wisconsin State Legislature Senate Committee on Elections

Written Testimony submitted to the Wisconsin State Legislature Senate Committee […]

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Ranked Choice Voting is Bad News!

Advocates are pushing Ranked-Choice Voting at nearly every local and state level. Why? Proponents claim that Ranked-Choice Voting allows voters to express their preferences for multiple candidates and ensures that the ultimate winner is the candidate with the most overall support rather than just the one with the most first-choice votes. While this may sound nice in theory, in practice, it’s a scheme allowing candidates with a minority of voter support to win through mathematical technicalities. Here's what you need to know about how Ranked-Choice Voting really works and the dangers it brings.

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Live Free TV: Fighting for Election Integrity, WI Rep. Donna Rozar

According to the Constitution, our local and state legislators are the ones to whom we voluntarily cede the most political power. All politics really is local. On this episode of Live Free TV, LTC Allen West welcomes Representative Donna Rozar from the great state of Wisconsin. Rep. Rozar and LTC West discuss the importance of citizens and their local and state legislators protecting the integrity of our elections. Rep. Rozar shares her experiences with out-of-state money coming into Wisconsin to influence elections. You might be surprised at what election integrity legislation was vetoed by the Governor.

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Live Free TV: What You Need to Know About Ranked Choice Voting

LTC Allen West welcomes Phil Izon from the Ranked Choice Education Association. After seeing firsthand the confusion caused by the system in Alaska, Phil decided to get involved. Listen in to learn how Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is confusing, challenging to audit and often leads to third-place candidates "winning." You might be surprised to discover who is behind the nationwide effort to make RCV the standard.

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Automatic Voter Registration Opens Door to Voter Fraud

Automatic voter registration is currently used in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Supporters say it simplifies the registration process and removes barriers to voting, but this is verifiably untrue, and there are many failures of automatic voter registration that make it a deeply flawed system.

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