Supreme Court Justices Question Team Biden’s Reckless Border Policy

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by Texas and Louisiana over Biden administration guidelines that severely restricted the Department of Homeland Security’s enforcement of federal immigration law against illegal aliens.

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Von Spakovsky: As The Dust Settles From Election Day, A Mixed Victory For Election Integrity Appears

The final results in the Nov. 8 elections heralded several important changes to state election-integrity laws across the country. While some of the initiatives, approved via ballot referendums, will improve the integrity of state elections, others are more invidious, making elections in those states more insecure.

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Von Spakovsky: Poll Observers Are Essential to Honest Elections

There is a reason the U.S. State Department and organizations like the Carter Center routinely send teams of American observers to fledgling democracies all over the world: they recognize that transparency is essential to ensuring honest elections. That requires observers to be able to watch every aspect of the voting and ballot-counting process without being intimidated or interfered with.

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Von Spakovsky: Republican National Committee Targets Google’s Censorship in Lawsuit

After enduring years of targeted censorship, the Republican National Committee is suing Google for its bulk-labeling of millions of RNC campaign email communications to its supporters and donors as “spam” during “pivotal points in election cycles.”

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Von Spakovsky: The Latest Election Myth Pushed by the Left

For years, liberal activists—with the assistance of their corporate media allies—have been pushing the myth that there is a wave of “voter suppression” going on across the country. As the record registration and turnout numbers in recent elections prove, as well as their numerous losses in litigation show, this is a false claim created by opponents of commonsense election reforms like voter ID.

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