Liberals’ documentable plan to destroy election security

Journalists Rebecca Mansour and Jim Pinkerton provide a remarkable and detailed overview of the specific steps liberals and their Democrat allies will take to try to win the 2020 election by cheating and creating chaos. This is an important read for anyone concerned with the integrity of our electoral process.

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Mailed absentee ballots stall out in motor city

Elected political liberals have been destroying Detroit since 1962 while overseeing the loss of 64% of its population. This month, mailed ballot counts in 72% of its precincts didn't match the number of ballots cast. “But the Post Office is swimmingly efficient, there’s no vote fraud and we should believe Democrats who tell us they will take good care of our votes,” we sarcastically note.

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One of These is not Like the Other

There is a critical difference between an absentee ballot and the new notion of universal vote by mail. One is proven and safe, the other is subject to incompetent processing and open to fraud. Voters and elected officials must understand the enormous difference in order to protect the security our elections.

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Mail-only voting is a vote stealer

According to an analysis of this year's primaries by National Public Radio, at least 65,000 mail in votes were not counted in 17 states studied. Uncounted mail-only ballots, even without malfeasance by dishonest election activists, are a way to stifle American’s political voices. Many elections have been determined by a handful of votes. 65,000 is a big handful.

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Michigan Democrat election clerk logs on to alter ballots

Please share this article with the next liberal who tells you there is no voter fraud, but it’s Republicans doing it. A Democratic city clerk in Southfield, Michigan was honored in 2019 by the Michigan State Democratic party with the Levin/Dingell Award. Moving on to 2020, she was arrested and charge with multiple felonies for allegedly altering absentee ballots. Election integrity groups are now calling for a review of all elections she may or may not have fudged.

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Michigan’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment Includes Automatic Voter Registration

2/16: A constitutional amendment in Michigan would allow same-day registration, automatic registration, expanded absentee voting, and more time for military members to cast ballots.

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