Virginia AG: Universities Cannot Mandate the Coronavirus Vaccine

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) Friday issued the first legal opinion of his tenure, deciding that the Commonwealth’s public colleges and universities cannot make receiving the coronavirus vaccine a condition for enrollment or in-person attendance.

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It’s Illegal to Ration COVID-19 Treatments Based on Race

In New York, officials have made drugs automatically available only to people who meet one of several eligibility criteria, which include being “nonwhite.” In Minnesota, the Department of Health is “deprioritizing access” to treatment for Americans who happen to be Caucasian.

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The Psychology of Crisis Tyrants

The American Constitutional Rights Union defines a crisis tyrant as a leader who uses a crisis — like the COVID-19 pandemic — to justify and grease the skids of their tyrannical behavior. The “crisis” element adds a layer or two of “despicable” as the exercise of power comes on the backs of those enduring a crisis or tragedy.

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American Liberty Must Not Become Coronavirus Casualty

When announcing his nationwide vaccine mandate, President Joe Biden declared, “This is not about freedom.” But for Americans who live outside the Beltway, it is absolutely about freedom, because America is about freedom.Yes, the coronavirus is still with us. Yes, it is still potentially dangerous, particularly to vulnerable Americans. But the need long since has passed for extraordinary measures such as lockdowns, mask mandates, and other restrictions on American liberty.

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Biden’s education secretary tried to use a study to justify masking kids in schools … and he got publicly shut down by the author of the study

“Follow the science,” they say. Not a bad life strategy, except when crisis tyrants draw false conclusions from wilily-nilly interpretation of the science.

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Biden’s Lawless Vaccine Mandate

President Biden told unvaccinated Americans this month: “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. . . So, please, do the right thing.” He backed up this request with a series of new regulatory mandates, including one from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which directs businesses with 100 or more employees to make vaccination a condition of employment.

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Illinois mom says judge stripped custody of son until she gets COVID-19 vaccine

An Illinois mother says a Cook County judge decided to strip her parental rights over her refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a local report. Rebecca Firlit told FOX 32 Chicago that Cook County Judge James Shapiro revoked all of her parenting time with her son until she gets vaccinated.

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President Biden Admits His Policies ‘Not Likely To Pass Constitutional Muster’

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, has issued an explicit warning that any sort of executive extension of the federal eviction moratorium would be struck down, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided this week that they are going to implement a new moratorium anyway for a period of two months.

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CDC study finds most cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts outbreak were among vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study Friday finding that vaccinated people diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Massachusetts town had nearly the same amount of virus in their bodies as unvaccinated patients. The majority of cases in an outbreak were found to be among the vaccinated.

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Everyone Can Agree on the Risks of COVID Passports

Sometimes proposed policies are so onerous to the principles of personal liberty, freedom, and privacy that right and left can agree. When liberals and conservatives unite to fight against a common cause, we ought to take note. Author and activist Dr. Naomi Wolf and ACRU President Lori Roman have joined forces to speak out against proposed COVID Passport policies. Listen here.

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