Democrats Tip Their Hand: Part of Supreme Court-Packing Scheme Is Actually About HR 1

One clear message coming out of a Thursday news conference with congressional Democrats is that their court-packing plan is really about the future of how elections are conducted in the United States.

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Truth revealed: Liberal plans to change the Supreme Court

In every election, when you vote for your presidential candidate of choice, you also “vote” for a potential SCOTUS nominee. It has never been more true than in 2020. Liberals send (deliberately?) mixed messages on SCOTUS policy. In this article, Hillsdale College’s Matthew Spaulding provides both historical and contemporary information to help us become more informed on this important subject.

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What ‘court-packing’ is – and isn’t

The SCOTUS nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett brought up an inside baseball term that needs defining. “Court-packing” is NOT a duly elected president filling a vacant seat as duty demands. Court-packing is adding judicial seats — by one political party — where justices serve in perpetuity. It ensures the packing party has decades of unilateral ideological control. Every candidate for president has a moral obligation to explain it truthfully to the American people while stating personal intent.

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