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Medical Workers, Doctors Hold Rally Protesting Houston Hospital’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

More than 100 attended a protest in front of Houston Methodist Hospital over vaccine mandates, while counter-protestors from the Houston Socialist Movement decried anti-vaxxers as “fascists.”

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Florida State University: Vaccine Proof Requirement for Enrollment Was ‘Error’

Writing to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and FSU President John Thrasher, Sabatini said students in the College of Music “are being forced to show proof of vaccination before the Fall semester begins in violation of Florida law.” DeSantis recently signed legislation barring corporations or government entities from requiring a vaccination as a condition to receive a service or do business.

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Dr. Erika Smith’s Testifies in Favor or Ohio 248 – Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act

House Health Committee Enact Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act A Bill to enact section 3792.02 of the Revised Code to authorize an individual to decline a vaccination and to name this act the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act.

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Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Mask Mandate, COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements in Schools

The Oklahoma House has passed a bill banning mask mandates in public schools and requirements for students to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The bill, SB 658, passed the state House by 76–18 and was sent to Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt on May 26. The state Senate had passed the bill by 38–8 a day earlier.

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