Prominent Conservative Groups Write Open Letter To Garland, Wray For ‘Politicizing’ DOJ Under Biden

Multiple conservative organizations penned an open letter Friday, sharply criticizing Department Of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General Merrick Garland and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray for politicizing both agencies.

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New York Times objects to DOJ protecting our first freedom

The Department of Justice is holding seminars on religious freedom law for its staff and attorneys. DOJ has been actively defending individual religious freedom in cases for Muslims, Christians and Jews, none of which infringe on the liberty of anyone else. Aiding the left in its unending battle against people of faith, the NYT wrote fake news smearing the program. Fortunately, constitutional voices fought back.

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Individual religious liberty gets a big “YES!” from the DOJ

While the 9th Circuit was explaining that liberal billionaires have a right to censor, the Department of Justice was explaining that government has no right to coerce an individual to engage, or not engage, in economic activity based on that person's religious belief. It's called religious "freedom." Perhaps that's the word that confuses progressive activists and their cadre of "victims" who deliberately target Christian wedding vendors just to make their wrong-headed, hypocritical point.

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