Two dangerous criminal illegal aliens walk free in NYC

In September, a Ukrainian illegally in the U.S. was charged with violent sexual abuse, attempted strangulation and rape. A 34-year-illegal immigrant from Mexico was arrested by NYPD in November and charged with violently assaulting a child. ICE issued detainers on both, both were ignored, both offenders were let loose back into the community because of NYC’s sanctuary policy. Fortunately, ICE tracked them both down. Sanctuary policy destroys lives. Politicians who support it need to be stopped. By voters.

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NYC liberals pick criminal aliens over innocent residents

New York City's unlawful and dangerous sanctuary city policy and refusal to cooperate with ICE detainers continues to collect victims. The latest list of crimes by criminal illegal aliens called out by ICE include a 92 year old woman raped and murdered on the street. Also, nine (alleged) criminal most recently released by Mayor de Blasio and his fellow liberals have a laundry list of crimes including: robbery, assault, harassment, weapons charges, assault with a vehicle and resisting arrest. These are just a few of the violent illegal aliens let loose on the legal residents of New York City. As with the Chicago story above, NYC's corrupt political class is turning its citizens into victims. Until they vote these irresponsible officials out of office they are all going to be at serious physical risk.

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Chicago Ignores ICE, Releases 1,070 Criminal Aliens

The title of this article (above) says it all. Although we enjoy writing quippy summaries for our Advocate readers, it is difficult to expand on the headline. But we will give it a try - last year Chicago had 490 murders and nearly 2,200 shootings. The list of illegal alien violent crime is long. The FBI has reported that many of the guns available to Chicago criminals come over our southern border illegally, boxed up with cocaine, meth and marijuana, and given to street drug thugs for entrepreneurial enforcement (sarcasm) as Chicago is a hub for drug traffickers. Chicago is refusing not just to honor ICE detainers, but also refusing access to its criminal database. Chicago's corrupt political class is turning its citizens

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Crucial Texas Voting Case to Be Heard

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 26, 2015) -- The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to states giving more political power to areas with high illegal alien populations. In a brief filed in March, the (ACRU) argued that Texas and a U.S. District Court erred in approving state senate districts based on "total population" rather than on eligible citizen voters. "Total population" includes illegal aliens. Counting non-voters, including illegal aliens, when assessing the size of senate districts, gives citizens living in areas with high numbers of illegal aliens more senate seats than areas with mostly U.S. citizens, the ACRU says in the brief, filed on behalf of the plaintiffs in Evenwel and Pfenninger v. Abbott et al. The ACRU brief notes that even the United States Department of Justice uses only citizen population in allocating legislative seats in redistricting litigation. "The current Texas method violates the one-man, one-vote concept that ensures fair elections," said ACRU President Susan A. Carleson. "We're pleased that the Court is taking the case."

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