Chicago Cops Spend Holiday Weekend Busting Social Distancing Violators While City Has Highest Murder Toll in 5 Years

This Memorial Day weekend Chicago Police were busy chasing after social distancing violators all across the city while at the same time Chicago experienced it’s highest murder rate in 5 years.

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Why Democrats love voting by mail: It’s easier to cheat

Democrats are determined to use one of these gargantuan and utterly unconstitutional bailout bills to mandate nationwide vote by mail. And they want the ballots to be mailed out automatically to everyone whose name is listed in the voter registry, whether they request one or not and whether they are dead or alive. This, of course, will be big boon to the Chicago machine, which routinely has dead people voting in city elections.

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Automatic voter registration adds another group of ineligibles

States with automatic voter registration systems (18 + DC) keep registering inedible voters on a daily basis, or so it seems. They call it an “accident” or a "glitch.” Last year Illinois registered 570 individuals—foreign nationals applying for drivers licenses—to vote. These 570 people even checked “no” on the citizen box. Now Illinois has admitted another problem—it’s registering 16 year old new drivers to vote. We suggest it might want to add an “I’m just a kid box.” Or event better, stop connecting getting an ID with getting to vote.

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