Press Release: ACRU Condemns “Police State” Justice System

ACRU board member J. Kenneth Blackwell and ACRU Executive Director Allen West sound the alarm about the United States’ unchecked slide to a third-world police state. Weaponizing federal government agencies to attack political opponents is not something remotely compatible with a free and just Constitutional Republic.

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ACRU’s Blackwell: Cancel Culture’s Dual Meaning Is a War for America’s Soul

"Cancel culture” is a double entendre of the dangerous kind. It is not just about canceling individuals or entities who offend leftist activists and their myopic group of minions; it is about fundamentally canceling America.

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ACRU’s Blackwell: Vote fraud against seniors is real, organized, and preventable

Despite prosecutions and public stories identifying vote fraud activists targeting seniors, many in our media and political class continue to deny that our elderly population can be singled out for vote manipulation and suppression.

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ACRU’s Blackwell: COVID-19 and international best practices for free, fair, and safe elections

This pandemic may seem as though it's changed everything, but it has not changed the rules of our constitutional republic. Let's keep it that way.

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Blackwell: Pennsylvania Democrats Only Care About Fairness When It’s Convenient

2/26: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell points out the clear bias on the part of Pennsylvania Democrats in the state's redistricting case.

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