Won’t open church? Then we’ll worship amongst the slot machines

The liberal governor of Nevada unilaterally decided casinos could hold thousands of people and churches (regardless of capacity) could only have 50. Liberal Supreme Court justices and Chief Justice Roberts threw religious freedom under the bus by agreeing. But a group of worshipers found a workaround to exercise their Constitutional rights. Perfect. Brilliant.

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WALSH: Rioters Violate Social Distancing. Media Doesn’t Care. But Here’s What They Said About Conservative Protesters

Some of us are old enough to remember the bygone […]

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Chicago Cops Spend Holiday Weekend Busting Social Distancing Violators While City Has Highest Murder Toll in 5 Years

This Memorial Day weekend Chicago Police were busy chasing after social distancing violators all across the city while at the same time Chicago experienced it’s highest murder rate in 5 years.

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Kentucky Parents of Seven Investigated for Abuse For Breaking Social Distancing Rules

After a warning from a bank teller, two Kentucky parents are being investigated for a potential case of abuse. According to TheBlaze, the family moved to Kentucky from New York City, ostensibly to avoid this type of nanny-state fiat, a short time before this occurred in March. The parents brought their children into the bank to open an account, since they were too young to be left outside unattended.

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