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Dr. Erika Smith’s Testifies in Favor or Ohio 248 – Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act

House Health Committee Enact Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act A Bill to enact section 3792.02 of the Revised Code to authorize an individual to decline a vaccination and to name this act the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act.

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ACRU Action’s Roman: In Leftist Land, Who Will Protect You?

For years, liberals have told Americans they do not need guns because the police have guns. But now many leftists advocate defunding police altogether. This brings serious public policy questions. In Leftist Land, who exactly would have guns? And who is responsible for protecting Americans?

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Virginia – 500,000 incorrect applications send out

Elections officials in Virginia are trying to set the record straight, after absentee ballot applications with incorrect information were mailed to more than half a million residents in the Commonwealth. The confusing mailers were sent by an organization known as 'The Center For Voter Information', which identifies itself as "non-partisan and non-profit" on its website.

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ACRU’s Spakovsky: List of proven vote fraud cases continues to grow

The Heritage Foundation keeps a record of proven, prosecuted cases of vote fraud in the United States. In May, the case number reached 1,285. Most cases have numerous fraud victims, making each a force multiplier for stolen votes. In the last ten years, there are have been at least eight cases where a candidate won with fewer than 17 votes - three where the margin was one vote. Vote fraud is real, and it matters.

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