American Constitutional Rights Union Celebrates SCOTUS Decision Protecting Election Integrity

The American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) applauds a 6-3 ruling of the Supreme Court re-affirming states’ authority to manage their own elections and protect the integrity of their residents’ most fundamental right — voting. ACRU submitted an amicus brief in support of Arizona’s voting integrity measures. “Free and fair elections is a fundamental principle we must protect,” notes ACRU President Lori Roman. “Why does the left continue to oppose the basic election integrity tenet of ‘Easy to vote, hard to cheat?’ We’re pleased the Supreme Court has taken a stand to preserve one of our most fundamental rights.”

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What You Need to Know About Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee is a case argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on March 2, 2021, during the court's October 2020-2021 term. It was consolidated with Arizona Republican Party v. Democratic National Committee.

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Democrat representational politics skews redistricting truth

We always find it instructive to read what the pro-vote corruption liberal cohort is thinking and what they see as the best path to fighting the integrity of the vote (i.e. negating yours.) In this article from a left-leaning news site, the title alone shows their hand. Democrats are working hard to persuade American voters that redistricting is an evil plot to steal votes rather than a Constitutional provision and a requirement for states to ensure proper Congressional apportionment. Even more telling, former President Obama and former AG Eric Holder have teamed up on an effort to fight fictional Republican “voter suppression.” As noted in this article, their new project is called “All on the Line.” Any questions?

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The Supreme Court Agrees to Tackle the Biggest Election Law Case in Years. Will It ‘Weaponize’ Our Federal Courts?

Over 70 years ago, Felix Frankfurter warned the Court against getting into the “political thicket” of redistricting.

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Texas Case Suggests Court May Overhaul Voting Rights

Former U.S. Solicitor General Clement told U.S. Supreme Court justices that lower federal courts cannot redraw state-approved election district maps unless they can point to concrete "identifying specific statutory or constitutional violations."

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