Many of us are familiar with this very popular saying. It is all about the metaphorical meaning of something that widely draws people. In other words, they flocked to the event like bees to honey. Or, they were drawn to him like bees to honey. When I think of the American experience and this saying, it reminds me of the song by Neil Diamond, “They Come to America.” Yes, like bees to honey, they came to America . . . legally of course.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Black Conservative Summit in Chicago. During my flight back to my home in Garland, Texas, it hit me, why would the Black community be drawn to socialism, or for that matter, the Democrat Party? I mean, let’s be honest, bees are not drawn to crap or carcasses that only attract flies. Perhaps some of you get the metaphor already, but let me explain.

When one looks at a city like Chicago, or truly any of the major urban population centers in America they are, and have been, under Democrat Party control for decades . . . or as Buzz Lightyear would say, “to infinity and beyond.” What do we see in these areas? Do we see honey or crap?

Once upon a time the Black community thrived . . . even in the most strenuous times of segregation, Jim Crow, and Democrat Party policies. It was truly a time of, well, shall I say it, milk and honey. There were thriving Black small businesses, strong intact traditional nuclear families, and institutions of education that prepared men and women to be successful, with respect and dignity. I grew up in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, and the famous Auburn Avenue was a central street in that historic community. There one would find Black-owned businesses, doctor and dentist offices, the venerable Butler Street YMCA, Black-owned Citizens Trust Bank, and it was the cradle of the civil rights movement. The nickname for Auburn Avenue was “Sweet Auburn.” Ya know honey is sweet.

Although I was born in a Blacks-only hospital in that Old Fourth Ward, Hughes Spalding, I grew up, like many other kids, with a mom and dad in the home. I could walk the street home from school with no fear of being shot.  Heck, I do not recall ever hearing a gunshot while growing up. We respect our elders and I remember how the old men would let us watch them play checkers and sometimes let us play a game with them, which would last about five minutes before they would wipe us out. We rode our bikes freely all over the neighborhood, played street ball, and never referred to young Black girls in disparaging terms. We grew up in our respective churches, attending Sunday school, Bible study, singing in the children’s, youth, and adult, and even the men’s and women’s choirs. We honored our moms, dads, and grandparents, along with extended family members. Sundays were always a big-time family and eating day. We respected life, and set high standards for ourselves to succeed, and be victors, not victims.

Yes, in some very challenging times the honey flowed with sweet memories, and we were drawn to it like bees. Then, something happened.

The honey has been replaced by rot in the Black community. Since 1973, we have witnessed almost 25 million Black babies murdered in the womb. The Black community allowed a racist, Margaret Sanger, to plant her dream of Black genocide in our neighborhoods calling it Planned Parenthood. White leftists co-opted so-called Black leadership to peddle this crap in the community, and like flies, not bees, the Black community was drawn to this culture of death.

We are regularly gunning down ourselves in senseless acts of violence. The once venerable foundation of the Black community, the family, has been decimated. When I was born there were some 75-77 percent two-parent households; today, there are just 24-25 percent. Black women were fed the lie of economic dependence to have babies out of wedlock in order to get “gubmint” largesse, and, in order to do so, not have a responsible Black man in the home. Black men then accepted the mantle of irresponsibility and eschewed their accountability to raise their children, thereby allowing the gubmint to replace them.

Our children are falling behind in the area of education. Just look at recent statistics coming out of Baltimore and Chicago. Yet, we have those progressive socialist leftists who refuse to support parental choice and educational freedom. Heck, they are even designating parents who disagree as domestic terrorists, white, and Black. The teachers’ unions do not care about the falling quality of education; their focus is on the sexualization of children, and a disturbing ideological agenda. Heck, when Black kids cannot perform at grade level in English and math, the left just says that those subjects are racist. I grew up loving math and could diagram out a sentence like nobody’s business.

The rot of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” has infected the Black community at a dangerously detrimental rate. The cultural Marxists do not want us to ever believe there was a time of honey for Blacks in America. Yet, they only serve up crap, which they deceptively spray with the scent of honey.

Why are Blacks drawn to the rotten carcass of progressive socialism, Marxism, and collectivism? And yes, that is what has overtaken the so-called Democrat Party, which in and of itself is rooted in the history of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, Ku Klux Klan founding, segregation, and destruction of the Black family (see Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society). And let’s be honest, the Senate Republicans, led by Everett Dirksen, are the reason why the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed. The longest filibusters in US Senate history were Democrats, like Robert “Grand Wizard” Byrd against the legislation. Oh, by the way, Hillary Clinton received the Margaret Sanger Award and the Clintons, among others, praised Robert Byrd in eulogy.

It is time the Black community gets back to its foundation, its conservative roots of faith, family, freedom, economic empowerment, individual responsibility, small business entrepreneurship, quality education, and service to the nation . . . the defining character of the West family men. It is time the Black community goes back to being like bees to honey, and not falling for the false narrative that will make it fly mired in crap.

Bees are productive; flies spread disease. The major disease that is being spread in America today, not just in the Black community, is progressive socialism, leftism, and Marxism. And that crap ain’t never been successful.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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