If this is the way the progressive socialist leftists are going to treat members of our military, who would want to serve?

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Trust Hamas? YGTBSM

Why would anyone trust Hamas or any Islamic terrorist organization? History tells us why we should not.

Please Come Home for Christmas

The US military is asking troops that they wrongfully discharged to, well, please come back. The Biden administration is calling a "mulligan" and asking these discharged troops to return.

  • Photo of Allen West; Townhall opinion piece sized for FB and IG

Giving Thanks for Conspicuous Gallantry

There is something unique about America that enables us to live in this incredible country, this Constitutional Republic, where we can give thanks. I do not consider it coincidental that we have Thanksgiving in the same month we honor our veterans.

“The” vs. “These”

We often hear people say "the United States of America." I would offer that is not the correct way of referring to our nation. The correct way would be "these United States of America."

Ohio’s Issue 1 is About More Than Abortion

Ohio’s Issue 1 referendum is a contentious proposal that will undoubtedly impact the future of abortion policy within Ohio for the foreseeable future. So far, groups from within and outside the state have dumped more than $40 million into debating the so-called abortion rights amendment. However, some major policies outside the realm of the abortion debate will be impacted if voters write the language of the Issue 1 referendum into the Ohio State Constitution.

Incubators of Hatred

The incubators of hatred have become a rampant field of loathing and anger toward anyone that does not embrace a progressive socialist, Marxist, perspective.

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