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Liberal Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer uses deadly virus for personal political gain

Naples, FLAccording to the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund, the latest COVID-19 Executive Order issued by Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer seems less about public safety and more about promoting a liberal agenda that raises her name recognition on the national political stage.

ACRU Action reviewed Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-42 and found it an ideological checklist that promotes aspects of the Green New Deal, obstructs commerce at “big box” stores while protecting big labor, blocks fishing and hunting, and restricts purchase and use of firearms. By banning family visitation with her edict issued on Good Friday, the Governor took a swipe at family values and religious liberty.

“Governor Whitmer’s draconian restrictions on civil liberties and commerce have led citizens to question her motives,” says ACRU Action President Lori Roman, a native Michigander. “When the governor unilaterally makes it criminal to mow lawns and buy paint it is no wonder Michigan citizens have begun to revolt.”

Whitmer bans or limits items that use fossil fuels. She allows for “non-motorized boating” such as kayaks and canoes, but no motorboats or jet skis, even for Michiganders with private docks. ACRU Action questions whether she is protecting citizens from a virus or her liberal bona fides with Green New Deal implementation under the guise of pandemic protections. Her ban on allowing people to engage landscapers to mow lawns is already being flouted by many of the state’s mayors.

In addition to killing sport fishing as an industry and individual pursuit, Whitmer ordered stores like Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s to close garden centers, preventing people from purchasing seeds and vegetable plants.

“It is perplexing that Ms. Whitmer could be elected to lead a state without understanding the values of its people and their love for outdoor activities,” Roman notes. “As many in Michigan rely on fishing and summer gardens as a food source, these ridiculous restrictions actually put more people in grocery stores. And if you are in a store already, how are you protected by being restricted from buying paint and American flags?”

“Instead of carefully studying prevention-based policies that make sense, Whitmer decided to make a political calculation of what would be ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’ businesses and consumer products. It doesn’t matter how you vote, these excessive restrictions hurt all Michiganders.”

Whitmer closed gun stores and ranges, but kept recreational weed storefronts open as “essential.” Homeowners keep grass mowed to tamp down allergens that affect asthmatics and keep snakes and rats at bay, and many are physically unable to mow. They can’t use a service now, but the Governor wrote a specific provision in her order for “workers who perform critical labor union functions.”

As of April 14, out of 27,000 Michigan cases, 21,000 were in three Detroit area counties. In Michigan’s “up north” counties where social distancing is a way of life and owners of second homes are now banned from entering, there were ten counties with no COVID-19 cases and six with only one case. Of Michigan’s 1,1768, deaths, 1.477 were in the same metro Detroit counties.

Roman concludes, “if Governor Whitmer were as concerned with the health and liberty of Michiganders as with establishing her liberal bona fides as a potential vice presidential candidate, the people of Michigan would be able to combat this deadly virus with reasonable guidelines, the outdoor activities they love.”

“Community values and common sense are a source of pride for all Michiganders—with the notable exception of their Governor who has more than earned the title of ‘Tyrant of the Week.’”


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