ACRU Applauds Texas Lawsuit Accusing Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin Of Allowing Unconstitutional Changes To Voting Protocols

Naples, FL—American Constitutional Rights Union supports the lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court of the United States by the State of Texas on Monday, December 8, 2020, accusing their state executives and judiciary of unlawfully interfering with election processes without consent of state legislators.

ACRU Policy Board Member Col. Allen B. West states, “the lawsuit filed by Texas against Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is needed to protect the American electoral process from executive and judicial actions that usurp the constitutional powers of state legislators. ACRU encourages principled leaders across the country to join Texas in the fight against assaults on election integrity and the Constitution.”

Amb. J. Kenneth Blackwell, also an ACRU Policy Board Member, has written on the importance of state legislators performing their Constitutional duty in setting election rules and points out, “Article II Section I of the Constitution provides neither governors nor state judiciaries with any authority to change voting protocols. We commend Texas for its action to reclaim its Constitutional authority and urge legislative bodies nationwide to do the same. Covid does not change the Constitution and should not be used as a manipulative excuse to lessen vote integrity protections lawfully passed by state legislators.”

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