My name is Adriana Zele and I have been a Registered Nurse on 4 Central, (formerly known as 4West) at Mayo Clinic in Arizona for 15 years.

In light of these events, and with a heavy heart, I submitted my resignation to Mayo Clinic Hospital. I cannot in good conscience continue to comply or work for a company that openly discriminates against its employees.

As a Registered Nurse I am fully aware that NO medical procedure or treatment is a “one size fits all”. This is not about THIS vaccine. This is about ANY mandated medical procedure as a contingent of employment. If any entity (be it an individual, institution or government) coerces you to violate your conscience, your right of choice, or your bodily autonomy, then that entity has become a tyrant who does not respect your basic human rights (as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

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