“Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes; and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin.”  – G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State

 The aforementioned quote reminds me of a phrase that is attributed to one Vladimir Lenin: “useful idiots.”

When I consider the tactics, policies, and ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left in America, well, Houston we have a problem. America is indeed overrun by splendid dupes and useful idiots. Just recently, VP Kamala Harris asserted that young people do not want to buy homes or start families because of “climate anxiety,” once again stoking the delusional dystopian fear-mongering of the acolytes of climate change. Never mind that the policies she and Joe Biden espouse have resulted in elevated inflation and high interest rates. Their solution? Buy expensive electric vehicles supported by the China.

Who believes in this and votes for these people? Splendid dupes.

Think about the Biden statements about “mega MAGA Republicans” being a threat to our democracy. Well, first of all, America is a Constitutional Republic, with a representative democracy. One need not look any further than the leftists in America when it comes to undermining and being a threat to our representative democracy, and our Republic. The leftists are the ones who want illegal immigrants to vote. Heck, the Governor of Illinois wants to make them law enforcement officers.

The leftists want to end the long held standard of the filibuster in the US Senate, and the longest filibuster in our history were Senate Democrats against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The leftists want to stack our Supreme Court, meaning add more justices, in order to advance their ideological agenda by way of judicial activism. This was first introduced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Heck, the leftists do not want an open primary process in their own presidential selection, suppressing voters, and democratic processes. We all know that the leftists in America have little to no respect for our US Constitution, as the open borders policy exemplifies.

Who believes in this and votes for these people? Useful idiots.

The leftists in America are indeed determined, purposeful, intentional, and deceptive in all they do, in order to solidify their power. I mean look at New Mexico Governor Michele Lujan Grisham. She sought to suspend the constitutional right of legal and law abiding citizens due to the crime issue which is a result of leftist policies. Thankfully, she was blocked.

We just had an entire leftist state, Illinois, vote to end cash bail, leftist cities like NYC and others have done so. Funny, this is the same State, where Governor Pritzker wants illegal immigrants to be law enforcement officers. And, staying in Illinois, the dubious Marxist Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, is now seeking to establish government grocery stores. We have seen this before, right? Oh yeah, Soviet Union. His rationale? Because big box retailers are departing Chicago due to the rampant crime where their stores are incessantly being looted. Sooo, instead of addressing the crime situation, like all leftist elected officials fail to do, he sees this as an opportunity to advance his socialist, Marxist, bona fides.

Who believes in this and votes for these people? Mindless lemmings.

The challenge we have in our America today is that we must defeat the splendid dupes, useful idiots, and mindless lemmings who support the destructive policies of the left. We cannot Live Free at any level of governance if we do not take a stand against such absurdity. And I have not even delved into the violations of parental rights, miseducation and mutilation of our children, along with exposing them to adult sexual deviancy and perversion . . . all intentional, purposeful, and part of an evil deception. Yet, this is supported by useful idiots.

The American Constitutional Rights Union is focused on protecting our Constitutional Republic, and your constitutional rights. We will be just as determined, resolute, and intentional in doing so, but we do not need deceptive tactics. We just utilize the truth of our rule of law, and prayerfully, the honor, integrity, and character of true Americans.

Steadfast and Loyal.