ACRU Action applauds Arizona House Member Jake Hoffman (R-AZ12) for introducing Arizona House Concurrent Resolution 2023. This resolution was approved by the AZ House and Senate “declaring the State of Arizona’s opposition to any federal action infringing Arizona’s Constitutional power to manage, control and administer elections.”

“The state of Arizona, with the support of great conservative fighters like ACRU Action Fund, sent a resounding message to the corrupt politicians in DC attempting to federalize our elections—‘keep your hands off our elections.’

“Arizona intends to fiercely oppose any attempt by the federal government to infringe on our constitutional authority over elections. I hope every other state will likewise reclaim their voice and pass a resolution opposing this dangerous federal overreach.”

Jake Hoffman (R-AZ12)

The freedom of every America citizen is restricted when the federal government overreaches to negate the 10th Amendment and the doctrine of federalism.

The deceitfully named For the People Act, currently awaiting action in the U.S. Senate as S. 1, is a federal takeover of state authority over elections. This authority was granted to the states in the Constitution. This power grab is unprecedented.

The passing of state resolutions opposing freedom-limiting, anti-Constitutional federal legislation has long been an effective tool for America’s state legislators. These resolutions expose authoritarian changes in federal law and alert state citizens of grave concerns in a way the national media does not.

Rep. Hoffman’s Press Release further explaining the need for this important Resolution can be found here.

ACRU Action encourages every state legislator to protect their constituents against the usurpation of their state’s constitutional authority by the federal government and follow Arizona’s actions by sponsoring a resolution in opposition of the For the People Act.

Article I Section 4 of the Constitution clearly provides the right to determine regulations and protocols for elections to state legislators.

The For the People Act (should be named the For the Corrupt Politicians Act) federalizes voting and redistricting, legalizes ballot harvesting, and eliminates a state’s right to request identify verification for voters. To assist with understanding these federal challenges to your legislative authority, ACRU Action has created a Fact Sheet that can be found here.

This recent editorial from ACRU Action Board Member Amb. Ken Blackwell spells out the worst provisions of S. 1 noting, “there has perhaps never been a piece of legislation with a greater promise for factionalism, tyranny, and loss of checks and balances than this Act.”

This federal bill was passed by the liberal majority in the U.S. House, and awaits a vote in the Senate within the next four to six weeks.

We hope you will protect your state, your constituents and the U.S. Constitution by bringing attention to this power-grabbing theft of states’ rights by proposing a Resolution against the For the People Act in your state.

NOTE: If you are a state legislator and have also proposed a resolution or taken other action against S. 1, please let us know!

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