Written Testimony of Lori Roman, President, American Constitutional Rights Union Action

Michigan House of Representatives, House Oversight Committee

House Bill 4667

May 5, 2021

Thank you for this opportunity to weigh in on the important subject of COVID “Passports.” I am Lori Roman, President of the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund.

I appreciate the opportunity to testify remotely. While I am a native Michigander, I now live in the free state of Florida. Over the last year I have had deep concerns for my friends and family in Michigan who have experienced unprecedented restrictions on their freedom by the executive branch of this government. It is a privilege to speak to you in defense of their freedoms.

At American Constitutional Rights Union and ACRU Action Fund we have been working to defend constitutional rights for over twenty years. Our founding board member is former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, who served in the administration of President Reagan. He still serves on our board. Another board member, Kenneth Blackwell, is the former Secretary of State of Ohio and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. To say that we take the Constitution seriously would be an understatement.

Benjamin Franklin famously said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

If that sounds like a comment that might get one banned from Twitter, then you see the difficulties we have in exercising our rights and in protecting our freedoms.

The founders risked everything to fight for liberty. Imagine what they would think about COVID Passports. The passports are so antithetical to liberty, freedom of association, medical choice and privacy, and full participation in society, that once they are implemented there is likely no return to a free republic.

Tying private medical choices to the ability to participate in society is unconstitutional. And it is unconstitutional whether it is done by the government or by the private sector with encouragement or incentives from the government.

When private companies have been co-opted by government forces to act to benefit the government or a particular regime then America has entered a dangerous period of fascism. Collusion between politicians and bureaucrats and private companies to discriminate against citizens because of their private medical decisions is just as unconstitutional as the government acting alone.

At ACRU and ACRU Action Fund our motto is “Live Free.” That is why we applaud the work of Michigan legislators who are working to protect the constitutional rights of citizens. We implore you to also stop the march toward fascism by stopping collusion between government bureaucrats and politicians and the private sector to restrict our freedoms. Without the ability to make our own medical choices and engage in commerce, we can’t Live Free.