Important Warning

Dangerous legislation in the U.S. Senate as S. 1

Not a single provision in the deceitfully named “For the People Act” (S. 1) contains reforms that benefit “the People.” It is not comprised of articles of reform, but provisions for oppression of the public.

It should instead be named the “Corrupt Politicians Act.”

If passed, S. 1 would irrevocably change the very fundamental principles, practices and ideals upon which this country was founded and under which it has successfully stayed free for nearly 250 years.

State legislators should understand that this legislation strips them of their constitutional responsibilities and control of elections.

If your state legislature has passed a resolution against HR1/S1, similar to the resolution passed by the Arizona legislature, please notify us at

ACRU Action Fact Sheet

ACRU has analyzed the 800-page bill and created a concise fact sheet: ACRU Action H.R. 1/S. 1 Fact Sheet.


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‘Written In Hell By The Devil Himself’: Sen. Mike Lee Says HR1 Bill Will Allow Democrats to ‘Remain in Power For Decades

ACRU Policy Board Member Lt. Col. Allen West’s Radio Ad on H.R. 1

HR1/S1 will block states from requiring voter ID, but according to information from the Honest Elections Project:

While some have been quick to demonize voter ID laws, the American people see voter ID requirements as easy, commonsense rules that protect their vote.

  • Over three-quarters (77%) of Americans support photo ID requirements according to a poll commissioned by Honest Elections Project Action (HEP Action).
  • A poll by Rasmussen found that 75% of likely voters say ID laws are necessary to a “fair and secure election process,” including 65% of Democrats and 70% of Moderates.
  • 85% of Americans say voter ID requirements are “common sense,” according to a FreedomWorks/Scott Rasmussen poll.
  • 72% of the public say photo ID requirements increase their confidence in our elections according to the FreedomWorks/Scott Rasmussen poll.