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Gina Swoboda, Chief Election Policy Officer, Restoration PAC
Lori Roman, Chief Executive Officer, ACRU Action Fund
LTC Allen West (ret.), Executive Director, ACRU Action Fund

Restoration of American Wisconsin and American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund Join Forces to Bolster the Conservative Wave Across Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI —“If there was ever a critical election, it’s next year’s Presidential election where we must encourage conservative voters to make their voices heard and volunteer in their communities.  The cancel culture cannot and will not win.  Restoration of America Wisconsin is ensuring conservatives are educated about and motivated to cast their ballots in the upcoming election.” says Gina Swoboda, Chief Election Policy Officer of Restoration of America- Wisconsin (ROA-WI).  To this end, she joined forces with LTC Allen West (Ret.) to engage in a four-day effort to educate state legislators on threats to the voting process, such as the lack of special voting deputies in skilled nursing facilities, and to energize conservative voters.

Colonel West is the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund, the nation’s leading advocate for the protection of vulnerable voters. including the elderly, disabled and military.

Wisconsin’s challenges with voting in nursing homes garnered nationwide attention in 2020.  ACRU Board Members, former Attorney General Edwin Meese III and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell penned a Townhall article indicating the widespread nature of the problem. “In Wisconsin, the state assembly appointed a special counsel to investigate vote fraud in nursing homes after an investigation by a county sheriff uncovered evidence indicating numerous cases of vote fraud in nursing homes. Special Counsel Michael Gableman, a former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, released a report indicating ‘rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide’ at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities.”

This mounting evidence led ROA-WI to take action by collaborating with ACRU Action and its team of experts, including Meese, Blackwell, LTC Allen West and ACRU CEO Lori Roman.  “When combined with Restoration of America Wisconsin’s expertise in training poll workers, special election deputies and election observers, ACRU Action’s team creates a formidable force joined together for the protection of Wisconsin,” stated Swoboda.

LTC West, a former congressman from Florida, has been a favorite of voters for decades.  A highly-recognizable figure, West met with over 700 Wisconsin citizens from Milwaukee, Madison, Monroe, Eau Claire, Waukesha, Oregon, Verona, and Chippewa Falls, speaking at VFW locations, restaurants, meeting halls, fall festivals and churches, each time enjoining participants to take action and push back against the leftist agenda taking over the United States.  West also took to the radio, encouraging thousands of listeners to oppose leftists and the current woke agenda by voting and being active in their communities and elections.

Speaking to a church in Altoona, Wisconsin, West stated, “The percentage of Christian voters engaged in our election process has dropped 15% since 2008.  Christians and hunters are the two largest groups who don’t participate in the election process.  We can no longer allow Christians to sit, handwringing, on the sidelines.”

Addressing an audience at a Monroe VFW Post, West encouraged: “We must take action, defend our U.S. Constitution and protect our nation for our children and grandchildren.  We must run for office and support candidates; we must encourage our friends and particularly veterans, to become poll workers, observe elections and ensure the continuation of our shining city on a hill.  As ACRU Action’s Executive Director, I am honored to join forces with Restoration of America- Wisconsin to help protect the freedoms that have made America the greatest country in the world.”

The American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund has been working to protect the votes of vulnerable voters since it launched their Protect Vulnerable Voters Project in 2020. During the 2020 and 2022 election seasons, ACRU worked across the nation to educate facility staff about their legal and moral obligations to residents, inform residents and their families of their rights and assist residents and family members in filing formal complaints.

ACRU’s Roman stated: “Wisconsin’s citizens are critical to the future of America’s republic.  Joining forces with Restoration of America- Wisconsin allows ACRU Action to help channel the power of this amazing citizenry who are representative of all Americans seeking secure borders, Second Amendment freedoms, parental rights and reassurance that their aging parents and military can freely cast their ballots in the upcoming election.”


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