“For the People Act” is Really the “Corrupt Politicians Act”

“The true danger of this freedom-suppressing legislation is found in its dishonest wording and the cynical propaganda its leftist proponents must use to hide its truth.”

Naples, FL— After a careful review of the For the People Act (H.R. 1 / S. 1) currently awaiting action in the U.S. Senate, American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund has concluded this intentionally complex and confusing legislation not only puts the rights of every American voter at risk, but silences many American voices while elevating the “free speech” of politicians over that of their constituents.

In short, this legislation should be called the “Corrupt Politicians Act” as it is designed to turn citizens into subjects and politicians into rulers.

It also waters down the right to privacy for citizens exercising their free speech rights through grass roots activism while making nearly every political comment on social media subject to regulation and even expensive penalties.

“This dangerous and deceitful legislation is being peddled to the public as a pack of lies on a scale close to Nazi propaganda in the 1930s,” says Amb. Ken Blackwell, a member of the ACRU Action Fund Board of Directors.

“Everything that its leftist supporters claim about it is purposefully untrue,” Blackwell continued. “It eliminates nearly every provision that makes an individual’s vote safe, secure and accurately counted. The left falsely claims every effort to protect votes from fraud is racist and vote suppression.”

ACRU Action is concerned that many Americans will be hoodwinked by those pushing this legislation under the false auspices that it protects them, when in fact, it harms every American regardless of political or ideological belief by transferring power from the people to the politicians.

“Totalitarianism and one-party rule is a death sentence for liberty no matter how you vote,” says ACRU Action President Lori Roman. “It is imperative that every American understand the terrible provisions in this bill by doing their homework—we believe they will be shocked at what they find.”

Roman explains that “ACRU Action has created a fact sheet outlining some of the worst restrictions of this anti-American, unconstitutional and liberty-suppressing bill that notes, ‘the deliberately misnamed For the People Act is not comprised of articles of reform, but provisions for oppression of the public.”

“Americans need to speak against this bill while they still can,” Roman concludes, “and Senators should be ashamed to even consider voting for it.”

“The tyranny that is at the heart of this bill can only succeed if the American public unknowingly accepts the lies and propaganda of the left that hide the truth about the “For the People Act” and the corruption and restrictions on every aspect of American political life it contains.”


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