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Why is the Republican Establishment Surprised at Demands for New Leadership?

American Constitutional Rights Union Action Supports Those Fighting for Basic Conservative Principles

Naples, FL —Republican voters are speaking, but their elected leaders aren’t listening — it’s business as usual in Congress. Those who stand up for conservative principles are attacked and maligned by the media, the Democrats… and status quo Republicans.

House Speaker candidate Kevin McCarthy has failed to secure enough votes to lead the majority party after four consecutive votes — so far.  Some Republican representatives are listening to their constituents, who are sick and tired of business as usual in “the swamp.”  These courageous members of Congress are standing up for conservative principles and for the voters who sent them there by calling for meaningful reforms and new leadership.

“Insanity is repeating the same tired strategy again and again while expecting different results,” observes American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund CEO Lori Roman. “When Republican leadership won’t commit to basic conservative principles, it’s time to consider a change in the status quo.”

LTC Allen West notes, “It is perplexing to me that so many state that they want the status quo in DC changed. Then when you have elected representatives that seek to alter the status quo, they are viciously assailed. As the Executive Director of ACRU Action, it is necessary to restore constitutional governance. And those who stand for that principle should be respected, not attacked. The only way to defeat progressive socialism is with strong constitutional conservatism.”

Demanding that Republican leaders adhere to conservative ideas and policies is not symbolic of some extremist revolt as some establishment politicians claim. It should be expected. If Republican voters wanted liberal representation, they would have voted accordingly.


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