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The Politics of Alarmism

“Danger Will Robinson!” is Not a Strategy for Running the Country

Naples, FL — “There is something very disconcerting about our government these days; it seems that they thrive upon alarmism. The government seeks to benefit from alarmism and create and expand government while our rights, freedoms, and liberties are reduced. I despise so-called leadership by alarmism,” states ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest OPED for

West continues, “We have recently experienced another episode of the politics of alarmism with the Covid-19 escapade. How many American lives could have been spared if the government had not taken the path of alarmism? I mean, there were REAL Doctors out there offering sound advice and medical protocols that were dismissed and even censored…something that was sanctioned by the government itself.”

“The alarmism of Covid destroyed the lives of people not just medically, but also financially. When you consider the government picking winners and losers as to who had to be shut down, people being arrested, churches being ordered closed, these were also collateral damage of the politics of alarmism. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the American public could determine $32T in debt to be of economic alarm and demand certain government agencies to be shut down?”

“It is summer, and that means it is hot. Back when I was a kid growing up in Georgia, the politics of alarmism told us that we were going to freeze to death, yea, around 1975 or 1976; the rave was a coming ice age. Now, they’re trying to freak us out about climate change … well, duh chuckleheads, the climate does change—winter, spring, summer, and fall. It gets hot in the summer. It gets cold in the winter. In the spring and fall, we have climate transition, and you can have disruptive weather phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes. But this new politics of alarmism is once again all about restricting our individual freedoms to decide what type of hot water heater, dishwasher, thermostat, stoves, washing machines, and cars we can have. This is all about the intrusive nature of government, especially leftism, in order to force us into their ideological agenda.”

West concludes, “The politics of alarmism is dangerous, delusional, and deranged … mainly a product of the progressive socialist leftists of the Democrat party.”


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