RNC Warns: ‘Freedom to Cheat Act’ Will ‘Eviscerate’ Voter ID

Republican leaders warned against the latest Democrat push for federal election reform on Tuesday, pointing specifically to bill measures about voter ID and same-day voter registration.

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Vote collection mobiles should be relegated to bad Saturday Night Live skits

This is one of those moments when there’s not much we can say other than, “click, look at the picture, and ask, ‘what can possibly go wrong?’” Not to offend modern day VW owners, but the original Volkswagen was a product of fascism. This Philadelphia "voteswagen" plays right back into that history of tyrannical government trampling liberty by making a mockery of safe and secure elections. With wheels.

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Michigan’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment Includes Automatic Voter Registration

2/16: A constitutional amendment in Michigan would allow same-day registration, automatic registration, expanded absentee voting, and more time for military members to cast ballots.

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Playing the Race Card before Election Day

Is it racist to require people to show a photo ID when they vote? You need a photo ID for nearly any meaningful transaction, such as cashing checks, including government checks. If this simple requirement "suppresses" the vote, maybe we need to ask why it's such a great idea to push for universal suffrage for every adult who is merely breathing. Of course, even this latter requirement would suppress the vote in Chicago and New Orleans, where dead people get to vote all the time - and do so cheerfully.

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