It’s Not Racist to Support Election Integrity Laws

Now, as states try to pass laws to prevent fraud, increase the transparency of our elections, and ensure that every legitimate vote gets counted, the left once again is opposing many of these measures. It’s literally trying to stop states from removing dead people from the voter rolls, from preventing noncitizens from registering to vote, and from requiring people to prove they are who they say they are to vote (i.e., showing an ID)—which polling shows most Americans, including black Americans, agree with.

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Michigan Senate Votes to Repeal Emergency Powers Law, Whitmer Unable to Veto

Michigan’s Senate on Thursday approved a petition that repeals Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers, with another approval expected by the state’s lower chamber. Whitmer, a Democrat, cannot veto the petition.

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Department of Justice Treats Jan. 6 Detainees With Double Standard: Conservative Legal Activists

Two high-profile conservative legal activists claim the Department of Justice (DOJ) is using a double standard in its treatment of those detained regarding the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol, compared to those who were arrested during the rioting following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020.

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Domenech: Gen. Milley’s record is a dismal roll call of failures

Fox News contributor Ben Domenech analyzed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley's background in the military, citing controversial actions the top military official has taken on "The Ingraham Angle" Monday night. Last week, while testifying before Congress, Milley defended teaching critical race theory to the U.S. military and said he wanted to understand where "white rage" comes from. Domenech slammed Milley for having a "dismal" record.

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Generals, veterans, and citizens issue petition accusing sec of defense Austin of violating his oath to the US Constitution

The Committee to Support and Defend has initiated a petition to the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to "honor his oath" to "support and defend" the Constitution of the United States. The petition "respectfully insists" that Austin immediately countermand orders he has issued since taking office that have eroded military cohesion and readiness. The petition argues that Critical Race Theory is a toxic Marxist ideology with anti-constitutional objectives. Ordering its teaching in the military endangers America's national security, in contravention to Austin's oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the United States from all enemies.

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Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Voting Law, Hands Democrats a Big Loss

BREAKING NEWS: In 6-3 ruling, SCOTUS upholds two Arizona voting provisions: a ban on so-called "ballot harvesting," and a policy that throws out an entire ballot if it was cast in the wrong precinct. Challengers argued that both provisions discriminate against minority voters.

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Democrats’ partisan power grab fails — for now

The Democrats’ bill to federalize elections failed. Our constitutional republic was the big winner. S. 1 fell short of the 60-vote threshold required. Thank goodness for the filibuster. The proposal was a revolutionary rearrangement of the American political system.

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What You Need to Know About Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee is a case argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on March 2, 2021, during the court's October 2020-2021 term. It was consolidated with Arizona Republican Party v. Democratic National Committee.

No, Cancel Culture Is Not the ‘Free Market at Work’ – Foundation for Economic Education

Cancel culture is inconsistent with the ethos of free enterprise, innovation, and discovery on a number of levels.

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American Greatness: Over 1,000 Former Military Members Sign Letter Warning About ‘Wokeness’ in the Military

Over 1,000 former members of the military have signed a scathing public letter warning that the increased priority placed on “wokeness” in the military is a threat to the Constitution and the nation’s military readiness.

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